"Ensaio I: Rómulo"

Joana Borges (2013)

It is the objective of this choreographic project to develop studies previously developed in the master's thesis of the choreographer on the intentionality and symbolic gesture.

In Ensaio I: Rómu-lo it is traced part of the historical path of the myth and founding legend of the city of Rome - Romulus and Remus.

The abandonment and the ambition that results in a tragic ending are themes that could not be dispensed for this work. Here the story is told through the movement of the body, where are present the symbolic gesture and the various emotions that allow a narrative journey through the dance.

Music: Sigur Rós - Leaning Towards Solace ft. Dauoalogn, Varuo

"In Sound We Trust" edition Jacky Sawatzky

Joana Borges, Electra Kouloumpi and Petra Vossenberg (2016)

We bend our knees softly and the sound comes and touches our backs. It penetrate slowly our skins and enters smoothly in our spines. It fills in our vertebrae and starts swimming in the liquids of our bones. Our arms start moving fast, cutting the thick moist air. While our feet are dilutting slowly on the vibrating menbranes. We open our mouths, our tongues to taste the music. Our bodies are open. In Sound We Trust.


Joana Borges (2017)

This is a piece made for a group of non-professional dance students from My Motion Dance Team school in Utrecht (The Netherlands).

Groundly in about solitude, but not from a sad perspective. Even alone, we are always accompanied by memories, thoughts and relations.
"Nunquam se minus otiosum esse quam cum otiosus; nec minus solum quam cum solus esset." (That he was never less at leisure than when at leisure; nor that he was ever less alone than when alone.) Cicero, Marcus in De Officiis (44 B.C.)

Music: "Riptide" Vance Joy

"Joana Borges movement João Valinho sound"


Live improvisation session with the dancer Joana Borges and musician João Valinho. Together, without rehearsing, they decided to do an improvisation session. A happening.

"Talk Gesture Mirror"

Joana Borges and Giulia di Guardo (2018)

This work is about two friends who meet after many years. How do these two bodies meet? 
How do these these two identities merge back together after such a long time?
What has changed? What stayed the same?


Joana Borges (2018)

DIALOGUES is a dancesolo, created and danced by Joana Borges. It premiered in September 2018 at the UITFeest Festival: Culturele Zondagen, Utrecht. It is a solo that emerged  from dialogues and conversations that are reflected in the quality of the improvised movement. In it is created a world, a house, a history. It is an intimate solo, an internal journey that is reflected in the exterior and in the imagination of the public.

23:17, Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm
Valledor, Oscar Mulero
Volver volver, Buika