Dance Artist

Joana Borges is a Portuguese dancer currently based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

After concluding her Dance Degree at Escola Superior de Dança – IPL (Superior School of Dance – Polytechnic Institut of Lisbon), Portugal, and an exchange program at Fontys Dansacademie in Tilburg, The Netherlands, she sought professional training in Compagnia Zappalà Danza in Catania, Italy, and many other workshops across Europe. Keen on developing her knowledge in Dance, she studied Communication and Arts to conclude about the Intention and Function of the Symbolic Gesture in Dance through her master thesis.

She has worked and trained with various choreographers and teachers including Sofia Silva, Vítor Garcia, Amélia Bentes, Roberto Zappalà, Giannalberto de Filippis, Michal Mualem, Loris Prestillo, Guillermo Weickert, Willi Dorner, Georg Reischl, Sofia Belchior, Raquel Claudino, Iris van Peppen, Leah Jacob. Besides, she has also worked in collaboration with Flowmotion Dance Company in Vienna, Austria and with Companhia DançArte in Palmela, Portugal.

As a choreographer Joana has worked on projects such as “E estas mãos começadas…” (2012), “Ensaio I: Rómu-lo” (2013), “Skin Over” (2015), “Een Gesprek In Het Park” (2016), “In Sound We Trust” - a research performance collaborated with Electra Kouloumpi and Petra Vossenberg (2016), “Talk, Gesture, Mirror” - with Giulia Di Guardo (2017), "Dialogues" (2018), and "Fluide" - with Leah Jacob and Annabel Garriga (2018).

Joana works as a choreographer and as a performer while also teaching dance classes in several schools throughout The Netherlands.